First Impression Post Week 5


One thought on “First Impression Post Week 5

  1. Similarly I grew up with an older brother who played a lot of these video games but never seemed to understand the fascination. I agree upon the fact that video games do not play the biggest role in someone’s violent actions; however they may contribute to their morals. Their childhood and parents could most definitely play a larger role in how individuals decide to behave in the future. Similar to how we discussed the attachment theories, some individuals who have uninvolved parents or parents who are not heavily involved, have greater signs of trust issues and tend to have larger issues in the future. I do agree that there is no way that video game companies will stop selling their products, however do you think that there could be any way that there could be larger restrictions on what type of content can and can not be produced? Do you think that parents should be more involved in allowing what their children are being exposed to? Overall, Good Job!


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